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6 Commissioners meeting
7 Roundtable & OA Chapter meeting
14 Signal Hill District Annual Business Meeting
23 Tiger Time

Signal Hill District Annual Business Meeting

The 2002 Signal Hill District Annual Business Meeting will be held November 14, 7:30 p.m. at Saint Francis DeSales Church in Lake Zurich. The church address is 277 East Main Street in Lake Zurich IL. Members at Large and Chartered Organization Partners are invited to attend.

AHoy Mates! It's Tiger Time!

Saturday, November 23, 2002 will be a great day for Tiger Cubs and their adult partners in the Signal Hill District. Admission for this day will include tons of fun and games. It's one of the greatest ways to truly enjoy a great time with your son. You'll take pleasure in being his parent and hero.

It's not expensive mate-- at $12.00 a pair (if you have twins or two Tiger Cubs, it's $6.00 per person including the adult) and the memories will be priceless. You'll be reminded of what you felt like when your mom or dad gave you their full attention and spent a day with you.

There will be a Pirate theme at this event – and what Tiger Cub wouldn't enjoy a Pirate? There will be twenty (20) stations to choose from and Tigers will enjoy the Pirate games with their mate.

Barrington Middle School Station Campus, 215 Eastern Avenue, Barrington IL
Saturday, November 23, 2002
2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
$12.00 child AND adult. Additional Tigers is $6.00.

Pre-register for Tiger Time by November 22, 2002. Registration forms were distributed at the September Roundtable.

Signal Hill First Aid Meet December 14, 2002

Get geared up for our up and coming Fist Aid meet! Signal Hill District would like to welcome 5th grade Webelos (second year Webelos) and Boy Scouts to this fun and educational event.

We are going to get together and practice skills in helping the injured on Saturday, December 14. Location: Barrington Middle School Station Campus 215 Eastern Avenue, Barrington IL. Webelos check in at 1:00 p.m. and Boy Scouts check in at 1:30 p.m. The Webelos program lasts 2 hours and the Boy Scout program lasts 3 hours. Participants will be scored on various first aid tests. You'll find out how ready you are to help out others at all times. That's what “be prepared” means! The event will also include a patch for the uniform.

This is a skills competition and Scouts should brush up on their skills prior to arrival. Be ready for your best!!!

2.  A registration flyer was distributed to all packs and troops at the October Roundtable.

Klondike Derby January 24-26 2003

Mark your calendar early. The 2003 Klondike Derby will be held January 24-26 2003 with the events starting at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday. The location is Camp Sol. R. Crown in Wilmot, WI. More information and registration details will be distributed at a future Roundtable.

Family Friends of Scouting Update                  

Our 2003 Family Friends of Scouting scheduling season has begun, under the helpful support of Sue Meyer and Eric Kilby.  Sue and Eric have been calling units to get a date, time and location for this year's presentation to your unit.  If your unit hasn't scheduled a time for this very informative, and helpful presentation for Signal Hill District, please do so very soon.  The presentation will also educate volunteers on many aspects of scouting and the program operations of your Northwest Suburban Council.   You may also call Signal Hill District Director Pete Stikovich if you've recently scheduled a date 847-854-4225.  Thank you very much for your interest!


The Signal Hill District had an extremely successful 2002 Whoop-o-ree!!! There were 1300 participants all because of the untiring efforts of months of hard work and dedication put forth by the volunteer committee members as well as "day of the event" helpers. The Signal Hill District would like to recognize and honor the following people: Whoop number 1, Sue Sakalis, Whoop number 2, Glen Kuthe, Whoop number 3, George Clos and Joanne Bilas in her fourth straight year as the Signal Hill Activities Chair working with the WHOOP-O-REE! The District always looks forward to having additional volunteers to support this event in 2003. Please let us know how much fun you had and inquire about helping.

Fall Round-Up Under Way....? Give-Em A Second Chance.... Yup, our fall round-up is still under way.... Signal Hill is currently establishing dates, times and locations for packs to participate in a second round-up. This is an opportunity for your pack by allowing us to get flyers into the schools again for boys that couldn't make your round-up night, or just haven't been able to get mom or dad to call you to see about registering in scouting. It's simple and no additional meeting is needed. Simply plan to see a few new boys and parents at your November pack meeting and help inform them about your pack. At that meeting, they can fill out a youth application and turn it in that night. This is also a very good way to get the additional new leaders you haven't been able to recruit yet. District Director Pete Stikovich will be happy to distribute flyers into the schools your pack serves. Pete would need from your pack: date, time, location, as well as a contact name and telephone number that can be printed on the flyer. Your November pack meeting is approaching VERY SOON. Please act now, so I have time to distribute the flyers and make your program even better! Please call District Director, Pete Stikovich 847-854-4225 and he will assist in ordering flyers and he'll go into the schools to pass them out.

For more news on Signal Hill, please visit us at (You'll leave Northwest News site if you click the following link): http://units.nwsc.org/users/signalhill/sentinel.html


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